Mountain Birds in Norway

Although you may find typical mountain species in the lowland during migration periods, examining them in their natural habitat—the mountain—really is something special. Mountain birds complement the powerful nature in a perfect way. And many of the birds have entertaining mating rituals that can be fun to watch.

Which Are Typical Mountain Birds in Norway?
In the bare mountains, you will find species like Rock Ptarmigan, Eurasian Dotterel, Long-tailed Jaeger, Horned Lark, and Snow Bunting. In lower terrains, you are more likely to see for example Hen Harrier, Northern Hawk-Owl, Lapland Longspur, Western Yellow Wagtail, Black Grouse, Willow Ptarmigan, Bluethroat, Great Snipe, Red-necked Phalarope, and Siberian Jay. Rough-legged Hawk and Eurasian Kestrel are quite common in both altitudes.

Some of the Species You Might See in the Mountain

Which Time Is the Best to Go Birdwatching in the Mountain?
June and the first part of July are the most lifeful period. Late summer and early autumn is also an exciting time. Many birds of prey are found in the mountain in this period. A rule of thumb is that when the snow is gone, things start happening in the mountain. At the same time, hiking will be a lot easier for those who want to see many birds. However, bear in mind that there are less birds in the mountain than in the lowland. However, that does not necessarily mean a lesser experience, as the nature itself and the specific species outweigh the quantity. If you are unable to go hiking in the mountains, an alternative is to look for typical mountain species in the lowland or along the coast during migration periods.

How Can You Find Many Different Bird Species in the Mountain?
To get to see most of the mountain species, you need to visit both the higher bare mountain areas and the mid-areas with willow scrub and low trees like mountain birch. Another option for finding mountain birds is to visit the lowlands in Finnmark or Svalbard, as these landscapes resemble mountain terrain.


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Suggestions on Where to Find Birds in the Mountain

As more birding localities are added, the list will be updated.

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