Island Rarity Hotspots

What are island rarity hotspots? Simply put, islands where many rare birds tend to show up, often called mega rarities.

Where Can You Find Island Rarity Hotspots in Norway?
Most of these islands are located far from land and generally have a harsh climate. They are found all the way from Eastern Norway to Northern Norway. Utsira is the most famous island rarity hotspot in Norway.

When Is the Best Time to Visit Island Rarity Hotspots to Look for Rare Birds?
During the migration periods, particularly May-June and September-October, the activity in these islands reaches its peak both for birds and birdwatchers.

Examples of Mega Rarities

What Is the Best Weather to Find Rare Birds in Island Rarity Hotspots in Norway?
A golden rule is that when the sun is shining and the birds have tailwind, they will make good use of it. Consequently, you will probably not see them because of their perfect travelling weather. They are migrating in high altitudes, likely out of sight. If the weather is bad or overcast, however, and the birds get some headwind, they are more likely to take a break—a gift to the birdwatchers.

What Is the Easiest Way to Find Rare Birds in Island Rarity Hotspots?
Rare birds do not necessarily drop down at visible places. You have to be prepared to look thoroughly. Carefully check bushes, trees, high grass, gardens etc. Fortunately, these islands will often be visited by other birdwatchers at the same time, and they will help you find the rarities.


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Recommendations on Islands Rarity Hotspots in Norway

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