Black Grouse Lek in Norway

What is Black Grouse Lek?
Like the Western Capercaillie (see Capercaillie Lek), the Blackcocks gather to show off and fight. This is called “Black Grouse lek”. Their goal, of course, is to impress the females. Oftentimes, there are many heath cocks lining up to fight.

Which Sounds Do Black Grouses Make During a Lek?
The many Black Grouses make an almost continuous bubbling sound, regularly interrupted by a hissing sound. This creates an adventurous atmosphere at daybreak.

From How Far Can You Hear a Lek?
Black Grouse lek can be heard several kilometres away.

Pictures of Black Grouse Lek

When is the Best Time for Black Grouse Lek?
The period from March through mid-May.
The game itself starts just before sunrise. You can hear the birds in the trees and on the ground, but after a while, they will all be on the ground. As the morning progresses, things start calming down. And after the game, the birds are usually found in the trees around the lek site.

Where Can You Find Black Grouse Lek?
The Black Grouse leks are not so difficult to find, as the game takes places in large open areas, for example at moors, fields, felling sites, frozen lakes, and open skerries. Black Grouse leks are also common in mountain birch forests.

Do You Have to Stay Overnight to See Black Grouse Lek?
Getting yourself settled in a lean-to or similar the night before will no doubt give you the best experience. By doing so, you will be able to experience the game close up from before sunrise—assuming you are being quiet of course. However, you can also watch the game after it has started, oftentimes you have to do it from a longer distance.


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Suggestions on Where to Find Black Grouse Lek in Norway

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