Theme Pages

Many birdwatchers specialize on certain bird groups. We have chosen 11 different categories, or themes, of birdwatching that we are going to discuss further. You will get information on the different bird groups, along with suggestions on places you can travel to watch these different groups. The topics featured on the Theme Pages could have been divided differently, and more categories could have been included. But for now, we have chosen this setup, not excluding the possibility of adding more content later.

Unique Bird Experiences
You can enjoy birdwatching even more by focusing on one group at a time. Possible, your bird experiences will be more unique than you ever imagined possible. We surely hope you will find something on our Theme Pages that will inspire you to take a very special birding trip to Norway. If you are unable to travel here, you are at least welcome to read about the birdlife in Norway, and hopefully you will get your questions answered.