Birdwatching in Runde

Runde is probably the most famous bird cliff in Norway, competing only with Hornøya. The great advantage with Runde is the accessibility. The island is located just outside of Norway’s north-western coast, and there is a road leading there. Additionally, there are many places to park your car.

Runde—a Real Beauty Spot
Nobody would object to describing Runde as a real beauty spot. The island actually resembles a miniature version of the Faroe Islands, with steep cliffs and grassy plateaus. In the breeding season, you will find most of the typical mountain species in Runde, although some stocks over time have disappeared or been reduced. A total of 230 different bird species have been registered in Runde.


Map over Runde


How to Move Around in Runde
Finding birds in Runde is very easy. Marked paths will guide you around the island, but be prepared to meet steep terrain. Under good weather conditions, you could also take a boat trip around Runde. In this way, you will get close to the bird cliffs from the seaside, also getting to see the birds floating on the ocean.

Helpful Information

Biotope:Very steep bird cliffs with grassy plateaus.
Best time to visit:Breeding seabirds: April through mid-August.
Migration periods are exciting as well.
Bird towers:None.
Terrain:Hilly, starting off with a steep hill.
Shoes:Water proof hiking or mountain shoes or boots.
Clothes:Wind proof hiking wear.
Oftentimes a good idea to bring a bag with warm clothes and rainwear.
The weather changes rapidly!
Telescope:Not necessary, but recommended.



Did you know …

… that Runde is one of a few places in Norway where the Great Skua breeds?

… that Runde is the southernmost bird cliff in Norway?

… that almost every single Atlantic Puffin is out on the ocean at daytime to find food?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Landscape Pictures from Runde

Some of the Birds in Runde

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