Birdwatching in Gullfjellet

Gullfjellet is Bergen municipality’s highest mountain and rises to a height of 987 metres above sea level. The area is very popular for hikers both summer and winter. The mountain is quite often exposed to intense weather in form of rain or fog. However, on a day with fair weather, you will have a great experience. You will get to see many birds, in addition to the great view. Typical mountain species that can be spotted are Eurasian Dotterel, Rock Ptarmigan, Rough-legged Hawk, and Snow Bunting. A city of this size with such easy access to the mountain is quite unique. So if you live in or around Bergen, a trip to Gullfjellet is definitely recommended. And if you are just travelling by, you should also consider a visit.


Map over Gullfjellet


Trails and Directions
There are two main routes leading to the top of Gullfjellet. The first one starts at the car park in Gullbotn friluftsområde (recreation ground). The other one, described in the PDF-map, starts in Osavatn in Bjørndalen. Our choice of just describing the latter of the two is based on where you will experience most of the birdlife—and that is the route from Osavatn. The table list of selected species found on this page includes observations made at the foot of the mountain. Leading you the whole way are marked paths. Bearing in mind that the weather may rapidly change, you should always stays on these paths. Remember also to bring enough to eat and drink, in addition to extra clothes.

Helpful Information

Biotope:High mountain.
Best time to visit:May and June.
Bird towers:None.
Local association:NOF Bergen lokallag
Shoes:Hiking or mountain boots or shoes.
Clothes:Wind proof hiking wear. Preferably bring rainwear and warm clothes as well.



Did you know …

… that Gullfjellet is the highest point in Bergen municipality, 987 metres above sea level?

… that Eurasian Dotterel and Rock Ptarmigan can be seen right outside of Bergen?

… that Gullfjellet is a popular hiking area both summer and winter?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Some of the Birds in Gullfjellet

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