Birdwatching in Bergen City Park

The area between Bergen Public Library and Olav Kyrres gate (street) is considered Bergen city park. The music pavilion stands out with its flower decorations in all sorts of colours. Bergen city park contains beautiful gardens with colourful flowers, bushes, and trees. A suggestion is to take your children here to feed the birds. Additionally, the park is a good place to take pictures of the birds, as you get pretty close to these human-accustomed birds. The tiny water Lille Lungegårdsvann is the most bird-rich area of the park.

Map over Bergen City Park—Lille Lungegårdsvann

1The city park

Rare Gulls
Bergen City Park is a great place to practice determining the species and age of gulls. Many rare gulls have been seen at Lille Lungegårdsvann. Some examples are Little Gull, Ivory Gull, Mediterranean Gull, Ring-billed Gull, Caspian Gull, Iceland Gull, and Glaucous Gull.

Helpful Information

Biotope:City park with gardens and a pool with a fountain.
Best time to visit:All year. However, the best time for gulls is autumn and winter.
Bird towers:None.
Local association:NOF Bergen lokallag and NOF Hordaland
Shoes:Training or hiking shoes.
Food:Not necessary.
Clothes:Casual clothes or hiking wear. Often a good idea to bring rainwear.
Binoculars:Not necessary, but recommended.
Telescope:Not necessary.



Did you know …

… that Lille Lungegårdsvann is about 200 metres long and 150 metres wide?

… that the Ring-billed Gull has been seen many times in Lille Lungegårdsvann?

… that you can see the Peregrine Falcon in or around Bergen City Park?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Some of the Birds in Bergen City Park

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