Birdwatching in Mandal and Surrounding Areas

Mandal and surrounding areas, including Jåbekk, are very interesting areas to look for rare birds in a very limited geographical area. You will find gulls, birds of prey, and passerines. These places are easily accessible and absolutely worth a birding visit, whether you are just travelling by or are planning a stay in Mandal. If you are staying here, you should take the time to enjoy the beautiful and infamous archipelago of Southern Norway with its rich birdlife.


Map over Mandal and Surrounding Areas

1Mandal havn (Mandal harbour)

Rare gulls
Both Brennevinsmyra, which is the recycling plant for this area, and the harbour island of Gismerøya, have almost a magnetic attraction to gulls. So if this is your field of interest, you are definitely at the right place. Glaucous Gull and Iceland Gull are regularly seen in the area. Caspian Gull and Yellow-legged Gull have also been found many times here. In addition, Mediterranean Gull and Ring-billed Gull have also been registered. Of course, you will also have the opportunity to see the more common gull species. Noteworthy in this context is the presence of the Lesser Black-backed Gull with its subspecies fuscus, graellsii, and intermedius. And from time to time, hybrids of different species show up, so in this area, you better be prepared.

Helpful Information

Biotope:Jåbekk has agriculture landscape.
Gismerøya has harbour environment.
Brennevinsmyra is the recycling plant.
Best time to visit:All year.
Bird towers:None.
Local association:NOF Mandal Lokallag.
Shoes:Training shoes or hiking boots.
Food:Not necessary. However, the gulls will be happy if you bring some.
Clothes:Leisure clothes or hiking wear.

Birds in Jåbekk
Jåbekk is a small agricultural area, interesting all year round. Here you will find many different geese, birds of prey, and passerines, especially during migration periods. During winter, it is also possible to have some thrilling experiences.
This small area has an impressive merit of rare species. Some examples are: Tundra Swan, Great Bittern, Night Heron, Great Egret, White Stork, Black Kite, Red Kite, Pallid Harrier, Montagu’s Harrier, Long-legged Buzzard, Red-footed Falcon, Stone-curlew, Sandwich Tern, European Turtle Dove, Common Kingfisher, European Bee-eater, Eurasian Hoopoe, Greater Short-toed Lark, Australasian Pipit, Tawny Pipit, Red-throated Pipit, Citrine Wagtail, Siberian Stonechat, Pied Wheatear, Aquatic Warbler, Blyth’s Reed Warbler, Great Reed Warbler, Barred Warbler, Pallas’s Warbler, Yellow-Browed Warbler, Firecrest, Red-breasted Flycatcher, Golden Oriole, Carrion Crow, Rosy Starling, Pine Bunting, Ortolan, Little Bunting, Black-Headed Bunting, and Corn Bunting.




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For guided excursions in this area, contact Jonas Langbråten through the web page Langbråten foto og natur

Did you know …

… that Norway’s first record of Caspian gull and Yellow-legged gull was in Mandal?

… that Brennevinsmyra and Gismerøya probably is Norway’s best place to find rare gulls?

… that several rare species have been observed in the little agriculture area of Jåbekk?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Some of the Birds in Mandal and Surrounding Areas

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