Birdwatching in Vega

Vega is both an island and a municipality in Helgelandskysten. The approximately 6,500 islands, islets, and reefs included in the municipality is listed on UNESCO’s World Heritage Site. With a visit to Vega, you will experience beautiful nature and rich birdlife. The area has great stocks of loons, grebes, cormorants, Black Guillemot, and Common Eider. The archipelago is an important moulting area for Common Eiders and Greylag Geese. Additionally, the area is an important staging area for Barnacle Geese migrating from Scotland to Svalbard in the spring. Over 230 different bird species have been registered in Vega.
The ferry connections to Vega are very good. See Torghatten trafikkselskap (only in Norwegian).

Map over Vega

4Holmvatnet / Husvatnet

Eiderdown Duvets
Vega is probably most known for its production of eiderdown duvets of down from Common Eiders. In many of the islands, special houses have been build for the Common Eiders to protect them from the elements and carnivores. In return, the Common Eiders leave behind soft down that is being used in the production of down duvets. The season lasts from April through July. Read more about the production of eiderdown duvets and the work for the Common Eiders on Utværet Lånan.

Helpful Information

Biotope:Group of islands with cultural landscape, islets, and reefs.
Best time to visit:Possible to visit all year, but most activity from March through October.
Bird towers:None.
Terrain:Slightly hilly.
Shoes:Training shoes or hiking boots.
Food:Not necessary, but recommended. Vega has several supermarkets.
Clothes:Casual clothes or hiking wear, preferably wind proof.




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For guided excursions in this area, contact Terje Kolaas through the web page Northern Birding

Did you know …

… that each handmade duvet contains down from about 60 Common Eiders and in normal size costs around 50,000 Norwegian kroner?

… that approximately 110 different bird species breed in Vega?

… that several times, Vega has accommodated one of the world’s largest breeding colonies of Great Cormorants of the nominate form carbo?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Some of the Birds by Frosta and Tautra

Key Map
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Torghatten Trafikkselskap
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Utværet Lånan
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