Birdwatching in Dividalen

Dividalen is the perfect place for anyone who loves the wilderness or old forests. Many birds do, and consequently, many birdwatchers too. From Andselv, you can travel through the bird-rich valley Målselvdalen until you arrive in the valley Dividalen. Following the trail, you will arrive inn Øvre Dividal nasjonalpark (Upper Dividal National Park). There is a road going through Dividalen, so you do not need to go out on an expedition. However, the trip will be more exciting if you make an occasional side trip since some species are easier to spot or hear out in the terrain.

Map over Dividalen

1Holt / Holtdammen
4Dividalen Bird Observatory

Great Variety of Species
Along your journey through Dividalen, you will encounter riparian forests and birch forests with willow, grey alder, and bird cherry. You will also see old pine forests, lots of bilberries, swamp areas, gravel banks, and sandbanks. All of this creates favourable conditions for a variety of bird species, animals, mushrooms, and insects. Most of the galliformes, birds of prey, and owls that are present in Norway can also be found here. In addition, waders, woodpeckers, warblers, tits, and many other bird species are found in this kind of biotope. So the variety to enjoy in this area is really great.
And not to forget, the bare mountains are very close. For example, from the dam by Dødesvatnet (see PDF, point 3), there is only about an hour walk to get to high mountain terrain with its associated birdlife.

Helpful Information

Biotope:Mountain terrain with riparian forests and birch forests with some willow, grey alder, and bird cherry.
Old pine forests with lots of bilberries. Bare mountains in Øvre Dividal nasjonalpark.
Best time to visit:June-August.
Bird towers:None.
Terrain:Flat along the road. Elsewhere, slightly hilly and some places rough terrain. Depends on what you prefer.
Local association:Dividalen fuglestasjon.
Shoes:Water proof hiking or mountain boots.
Clothes:Hiking wear. Bring warm clothes if you are heading up the mountains.
Telescope:Generally recommended in Dividalen, but probably too heavy to carry around the national park.

Dividalen Fuglestasjon (Dividalen Bird Observatory)
Dividalen Bird Observatory has its own Facebook page (in Norwegian) that gives a good overview of the activities in the area. Many exiting birds are ringed during the year, and it is well documented by pictures and descriptions. For example, the bird observatory has ringed European Turtle Dove, Olive-backed Pipit, Arctic Warbler, Yellow-browed Warbler, Marsh Warbler, Siberian Tit, Pine Grosbeak, Lesser Redpoll, and Little Bunting.

Øvre Dividal Nasjonalpark (Upper Dividal National Park)
If you are in for a real wilderness experience, you should continue by foot into Upper Dividal National Park. You will end up in the bare mountains on the border to Sweden. The nature here is even more wild and untouched. Naturally, the variety of species decrease, but you will increase your chances of finding some of the typical high mountain species. You will definitely also increase your chances of seeing larger mammals, and the most fortunate hiker will get a glimpse of the lynx, wolf, bear, or Arctic fox. From Ventebu, located by the end of the road about a kilometre from Frihetsli, there is a trail leading to Skakterdalen in the national park. Here, the chances of seeing the Ring Ouzel and birds of prey are pretty high.




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For guided excursions in this area, contact John Stenersen through the web page Tringa AS

Did you know …

… that in Dividalen, you can find most of the species of galliformes, birds of prey, and owls that are present in Norway?

… that Øvre Dividal National Park has one of Europe’s densest populations of wolverines?

… that the Yellow-browed Warbler has been ringed many times by Dividalen Bird Observatory?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Some of the Birds in Dividalen

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