Birdwatching in Gaulosen

Gaulosen is Mid-Norway’s most frequently visited bird area, and for good reason. This location can be visited all year round and has many exciting things to offer—rare, breeding, overwintering, and migrating birds. At times, thousands of geese and ducks rest in this area, whereas Pink-footed Geese and Greylag Geese are especially numerous. Gaulosen Naturreservat (Gaulosen Nature Reserve) includes the three protected areas Gaulosen Nature Reserve, Leinøra Naturreservat (Leinøra Nature Reserve), and Gaulosen Landskapsvernområde (Gaulosen Landscape Protection Area). In addition, Gaulosen marine verneområde (Gaulosen Marine Protection Area) was established in 2016.

Easily Accessible
Many of the viewpoints can be reached by car, and there are two bird towers around Gaulosen. Getting here by bus from Trondheim is also easy. The drive is 10-30 minutes, depending on which part of Trondheim you are travelling from.


Map over Gaulosen

1Apoteket naturreservat (The Pharmacy Nature Reserve)
2Bird tower north—Gaulosen
4Bird Tower Øyamelen
5Stavsengan ringmerkingsstasjon (Stavsengan Ringing Station)

Characteristic Biotope—Diverse Wildlife
One of the things that make Gaulosen so unique is the almost untouched river delta that attracts many different bird species. During low tide, large areas of mud are exposed. This nature reserve also covers beach meadows and wetlands containing many endangered plant species and butterflies. The common sea buckthorn is one of the many plants that thrive within the area of Leinøra. Some years, this plant produces great amounts of berries. Because of this, many passerines that normally would migrate away from Mid-Norway spend the winter in the area. Thrushes, some of the warblers, and others as well love these berries. In Byneset, there are several deciduous woods with its commonly associated species. However, many people look for more than birds in Gaulosen. If you enjoy fishing, you should know that Gaula is a very popular area for sea trout and salmon fishing.

Great Local Activity
Stavsengan ringmerkingsstasjon (Stavsengan Ringing Station) does a tremendous ringing job around Gaulosen. Read more in Stavsengan ringmerkingsstasjon (in Norwegian).

Helpful Information

Biotope:Wetlands and deciduous woods.
Best time to visit:All year. Greatest activity during migration periods.
Bird towers:Points 2, Leinøra and point 4, Øyamelen
Local association:NOF Trondheim lokallag
Stavsengan ringmerkingsstasjon
Shoes:Water proof hiking boots.
Clothes:Leisure or hiking wear.




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For guided excursions in this area, contact Terje Kolaas through the web page Northern Birding

Did you know …

… that Gaulosen is Mid-Norway’s most frequently visited birding locality?

… that in Gaulosen, more than 10,000 Pink-footed Geese was registered on the same day?

… that Norway’s first record of Great Spotted Cuckoo was in Gaulosen?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Bird towers

Some of the Birds in Gaulosen

Key Map
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