Birdwatching in Øyerfjellet

Øyerfjellet includes parts of the mountainous regions between Gudbrandsdalen and Østerdalen. The area covers about 43,000 hectares, whereas half of it is bare mountain. Øyerfjellet has large mountain plateaus and great hiking terrains. The height above sea level varies from 700 metres in the southernmost part of Åstdalen to 1232 metres in Eldåhøgda, the highest point in Øyer.
Although it is a mountain, the landscape is open and flat, containing moorlands, ponds, and small forest lakes. Large areas are covered with birch forest—growing only as high as 1000 metres above sea level, possibly somewhat higher a few places. In the southern and western parts of the area, you will find spruce forests. Certain areas also contain some pine trees.


Map over Øyerfjellet

2Brettdalen / Brettdalsvatnet

Easy to Navigate—Make a Stop Anywhere
Øyerfjellet is an excellent place to look for typical mountain species. The road will take you through beautiful mountain terrain, where you can make a stop to look for birds almost wherever you like. However, the map shows a few recommended places that are particularly good. Additionally, there is a large network of paths to follow if you prefer a hike. Bringing a hiking map and a fishing rod could also prove useful.

Helpful Information

Biotope:Bare mountains and lower mountain terrain with heath. Mixed forest and willow thickets.
Best time to visit:May through August.
Bird towers:None.
Terrain:Slightly hilly.
Shoes:Water proof hiking or mountain boots.
Clothes:Warm and wind proof hiking wear outside of the summer.



Did you know …

… that Øyerfjellet used to be Gudbrandsdalen’s largest municipality when it comes to mountain dairy farming, with more than 300 operating mountain farms?

… that the first registered breeding Pine Grosbeaks in Southern Norway was in this area? The species still breeds regularly in Øyerfjellet.

… that the Pallid Harrier has been seen several times in Øyerfjellet?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Some of the Birds in Øyerfjellet

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