Birdwatching in Lågendeltaet

Lågendeltaet Naturreservat (Lågen River Delta Nature Reserve) is one of Norway’s largest inland deltas and a very important migration location in Eastern Norway. This reserve reaches from the border of the municipality northwards towards Øyer and about two kilometres south of Vingnesbrua (Vingnes Bridge). In the spring, when the water is low, many waders, ducks and other migrating species rest in this delta.


Map over Lågendeltaet

2Bird tower by Korgen

Determining the Species—Take Your Time
Taking your time when determining the species of each individual bird can be smart. As an example, the Green-Winged Teal has been seen in Lågendeltaet four years in a row (2015-2018). Rarer duck species—Shoveler, Pintail, Garganey, Gadwall, or others—will from time to time mix with the more common duck species. The Glaucous Gull or the Iceland gull will sometimes be found among the gull flocks, and the Little Gull is seen almost every year. In addition, Lågendeltaet is one of the few places in Norway where you could get to see the Great Cormorant, p. c. sinensis, which is more common further south and east in Europe.

Accessible to All
Paths or roads encircle the area, so everything is easy to access, including the bird tower and the other good observation points. At the same time, these paths naturally cause more people to visit the area. Particularly around Korgen and Vingnes, you should come in the morning. Later in the day or in the weekends, there can be many hikers and runners by these points.

Helpful Information

Best time to visit:April and May, before the spring flood.
Bird towers:Point 2 by Korgen.
Shoes:Training shoes or hiking boots.
Food:Not necessary.
Clothes:Casual clothes or hiking wear.



Did you know …

… that during spring migration, several tens of Arctic Loons can be seen at the same time in Lågendeltaet?

… that more than 220 different bird species have been seen in Lågendeltaet nature reserve?

… that you can see Osprey and White-tailed Eagle in this area?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Some of the Birds in Lågendeltaet

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