Birdwatching in Åkersvika

Åkersvika nature reserve near Hamar is a very important staging area for ducks, waders, and other water birds. The area offers a great variety of bird species, particularly during migration periods. Regularly, less common species show up. Especially at low water, you will find many different bird species in Åkersvika. In such conditions, ducks and waders have no difficulties finding food.

Easily Accessible Near E6
This location is in the middle of houses and industrial buildings, even crossed by the highway E6. And the disturbing elements for birdlife in Åkersvika continue to increase. On the positive side, everything is very easy to access. If you are passing through Hamar, for example, it is definitely worth making a stop in Åkersvika. The bird tower by Svartelva river delta is the most frequently visited place, and here, you will also get the strongest feeling of being out in nature.


Map over Åkersvika

1Bird tower by Flagstadelva river delta
2Svartelva river delta by the boat warehouse
3Bird tower by Vikingskipet
5Bird tower by Svartelva river delta

Diverse Birdlife
Åkersvika Naturreservat (Åkersvika Nature Reserve) is divided into four sections: Flagstadelva river delta, Svartelva river delta, Vikingskipet, and Espern. At certain times, some of the areas have more birdlife than the others, depending on season and water level. Because of the variations, checking the observation reports on is a good idea.

Helpful Information

Best time to visit:April through November. Definitely most birds at low water.
Bird towers:Point 1—Flagstadelva river delta
Point 3—Vikingskipet
Point 5—Svartelva river delta
Local association:NOF Hamar lokallag
Shoes:Training shoes or hiking boots.
Food:Not necessary.
Clothes:Leisure or hiking wear.



Did you know …

… that the Norwegian celebrity “Sture the Stork” spent the winter around Hamar in 2009 and was often seen around Åkersvika?

… that the Rook is seen often in and around Åkersvika?

… that the most common species during spring and autumn migration in Åkersvika is the Mallard?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Bird Tower and Landscape Pictures

Some of the Birds in Åkersvika

Key Map
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