Birdwatching in Gausdalsfjellet and Kittilbu

Gausdalsfjellet is a very exciting mountain area with many alternatives for birdwatching. The region is often referred to as “Huldreheimen” and is a real wilderness terrain with wet moor landscape and old coniferous and birch forest. This creates favourable breeding conditions for water birds. Some of the most common water bird species in this area are Common Teal, Tufted Duck, Black-throated Loon, Common Crane, Common Snipe, Eurasian Curlew, Whimbrel, Redshank, Common Greenshank, and Wood Sandpiper.
Dominating the forest, you will find Redwings, Willow Warblers, and Bramblings. The place Kittilbu is a very good starting point when visiting Gausdalsfjellet—either you are seeking out into the wilderness or just want to take a family trip.


Map over Gausdalsfjellet

2Observation hide, Kittilbutjernet

A Wilderness Expedition
From Kittilbu you can go out on a wilderness expedition by carrying on into the terrain in areas like Hynna nature reserve, Langsua national park and Ormtjernkampen, or Oppsjømyra nature reserve. In these areas, you may find many of the common mountain species but also many of the breeding water birds. Remember to be cautious and to show consideration. It is common knowledge that some vulnerable species breed in Gausdalsfjellet. You can download a brochure on Langsua national park with neighbouring protected areas.

Activities for Families Around Kittilbu
In direct proximity to Kittilbu, you can experience the birdlife and the various nature related family activities, suitable for both adults and children. For example, Kittilbu Utmarksmuseum (Kittilbu Outfields Museum) arrange many family activities and can provide lots of information about the area. Close to the museum, a small cultural trail leading down to Dokkfløyvannet has been built. Along the trail, you get opportunities to see many small birds of course, but you could also encounter birds like Northern Hawk-Owl and Siberian Jay, if you are fortunate. By the pond Kittilbudammen, a very nice bird hide has been set up, allowing you to get close to many of the breeding species without interrupting them. One example is the elegant Horned Grebe, which many are pleased to get close enough to take a picture of.

Helpful Information

Biotope:Mountain areas with wet moor and old coniferous and birch forest.
Best time to visit:June and July.
Bird towers:Bird hide by Kittilbu.
Terrain:Flat around Kittilbu, Oppsjømyra, and Hynna. Flat or hilly in Langsua.
Local association:NOF Oppland.
Shoes:Water proof hiking shoes or boots outside the trails around Kittilbu.
Clothes:Leisure or hiking wear.
Telescope:Essential in the open moor landscapes outside of Kittilbu.



Did you know …

… that the fortunate birdwatcher could get to see Northern Hawk-Owl or Siberian Jay around Kittilbu?

… that Kittilbu is an excellent starting point either for wilderness expeditions or for family trips?

… that many water bird species breed in the areas around Kittilbu?

Bird Species Seen in the Area

Some of the Birds in Gausdalsfjellet

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