Birding Localities in Norway

The list of good birding localities in Norway is very long. The country is large and outstretched and has great variations regarding both nature and climate. The combination of these things lays the foundation for wonderful birdwatching possibilities in Norway. Actually, for many Americans who want to experience the characteristic Arctic species, travelling to Norway can be easier than travelling to Alaska.

Grouping of Localities
To get an overview of the different birding localities in Norway, we have chosen to divide the country into five parts—Northern Norway, Mid-Norway, Western Norway, Southern Norway, and Eastern Norway. Additionally, Svalbard has a rich birdlife, so we could not leave it out. We have mainly used as our basis for selecting localities, viewpoints, and information on the species. Pick a part of the country, read a little about it, and then choose which birding locality you would like to know more about.