About Us

Who Is Behind birdingbed.no?
Birdingbed.no is made by two hobby ornithologists, Erik A. Hansen and Kenneth T. Lunna, with some help from hobby photographer Charlie Hulthin. Erik has been birdwatching periodically his whole life, while Kenneth is relatively new to the game. Our wish is to share important and inspiring knowledge with others without cost.

Erik A Hansen
Erik A Hansen
Kenneth T Lunna
Kenneth T Lunna

The Purpose of Birdingbed
We want as many as possible realize how satisfying birdwatching is. Not only is this hobby fun, it also has a positive effect on your physical and mental health and creates environmental awareness.
All use of birdingbed.no is free, and you do not need a membership to use the information that is posted. But naturally, there are costs connected to running a web portal. That explains why advertising options are present. This web portal is politically and religiously neutral.

If you find accommodation among the sponsors on the top of the locality pages, we recommend that you use these. Their location is very favourable in the relevant area, and they contribute to a great extend in financing this web portal—making it possible for everyone to have this valuable information for free. If no accommodation is offered among the sponsors, we might not yet have established contacts in the specific area, or maybe there are no good accommodations in close proximity. In these cases, you can use Booking.com by clicking on the link on our page.

Vulnerable Species
Among the variety of species in Norway, some are considered vulnerable, and they are very popular. To protect these, we will not provide detailed information on where these species breed. However, in some cases, you will find information on a larger area in which these species breed or on migration spots that they can be found in.

The pictures on our website are in most cases taken in the place at issue. Sometimes, a picture is taken from somewhere else, just representing a common species in the described area. All pictures are copyrighted.